2016 Membership Directory

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2016 Membership Directory - Welcome

The PSAB Membership Directory is brought to you with the support of APPI Energy, PSAB's Endorsed Energy Provider.

I am pleased to present the 2016 Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs’ (PSAB) Membership Directory and I encourage you to use it to stay in contact with other elected and appointed officials throughout Pennsylvania about issues impacting your communities. As many of you can attest, we’re here to use our experiences as local leaders to help each other.
In addition to borough communities, the directory represents townships, cities, and municipal authorities who have chosen to be municipal associates of our organization. The listing also provides contact information for PSAB’s Business Partners who have products and services that may benefit your borough. If your borough needs a financial, legal, insurance, engineering, investment, or other business service, be sure to think of one of our PSAB Business Partners first. Best yet, you can use this directory to get referrals from other communities, too.
Information about your County Boroughs Association (CBAs) is also included in this listing. Being involved in your CBA is important because it connects you to the most current issues and other members who face similar issues. CBAs can also put forth resolutions each year to help shape PSAB’s legislative agenda. You can also click here to find out when your CBA meets each month.
In between PSAB conferences and other training opportunities, be sure to use this directory to stay in contact with other each other. When you have an employment, governance, or question about a project in your borough, other officials will be eager to help you – so just reach out.
Thank you for choosing public service and for being a leader in your community.

Chuck Mummert
PSAB President
Elizabethtown Borough
Lancaster County