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Is Your Organization Impacted by Trends in Bill Payments?

2016-06-17 18:50:18

The habits of customers are changing.  Is
your organization keeping up with these rapid changes? Read how these trends are impacting organizations and some tips on a simple path to seamlessly integrating new technology.

In days gone by, customers expected to physically mail checks for payment, even stand in a line to pay their bills – it was a part of life. But are they still willing to do this, when they pay most of their bills online?

Recent Utility Industry Surveys point to customers becoming increasingly intolerant with organizations that don’t allow them to pay easily. In fact 74 percent say a lack of online bill pay leads to higher dissatisfaction levels with their utility provider. It’s estimated that 60 percent of calls to utility companies are from unhappy customers calling about billing challenges and 71 percent of customers say that online bill payment options prevented a phone call to customer service.

Has your organization managed to keep up with technology and customer trends?  There are a lot of good reasons to consider it, like saving over $100,000 a year by moving to paperless billing.

Thomas Tobin, President
Diversified Technology Corp