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LB Water Hosts Training Program in Ephrata

2015-10-08 11:57:44

End Cap pressure demonstration by Reed Rohrbaugh of ROMAC

As part of its longstanding commitment to providing continuing education for its customers, Selingsgrove-based LB Water hosted a seven-credit rural waterworks training course in July at its Ephrata location at 35 Pleasant Valley Road. 

Course offerings included “Backflow 101,” instructed by Ralph Yanora, backflow specialist, Pennsylvania Water Specialties Company; “Leak Detection and Submetering,” taught by Chris McAfee, and “Small Meters,” presented by Ed Denver, both of LB Water’s Meter Team.

The 37 students who attended the program represented municipalities and industrial water and waste water purveyors from a radius of 75 miles from the LB Water Ephrata location. 

Following the program training, Reed Rohrbaugh of Romac Industries, Inc., demonstrated the strength and integrity of Romac’s Alpha EC Wide Range Restraint Coupling system, applying more than 680 pounds of air pressure to the components, which had been installed at the ends of a section of PVC pipe. At the conclusion of the demonstration, the pipe ruptured, but the Alpha EC Restraint Coupling remained intact and in place.

“It was a pleasure to showcase LB Water’s Ephrata Location to those who had never been there before, said Bob Schwalm, LB Water salesman. “Our guests were impressed with the facility, the volume of waterworks product inventory, and the courteous staff that make it all happen. I'd like to thank our entire LB Water Ephrata location team members for their professionalism and assistance in helping to arrange and host this successful training program.”