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PSAB Member Alert: Act 39 in Effect

2016-08-08 16:53:49

PSAB Member Alert:

Please be aware that Act 39 of 2016 which overhauls the state’s liquor system for the first time in 80 years takes effect today, Aug. 8, 2016.  This means that you may begin to see restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, or other outlets that were previously not permitted to do so to begin selling six packs of beer and wine for the first time.

Below is a summary of provisions to the new law which were passed when Gov. Tom Wolf signed HB 1690 into law in June. 

This new law – which passed with bipartisan support in June – includes the following changes to PA’s liquor laws:

• Removes Sunday restrictions and state-mandated holidays
• Provides options for flexible pricing to allow state stores to offer special discounts and sales
• Allows about 14,000 holders of takeout beer licenses to be able to sell up to four bottles of wine to a customer. The sales would be by licensed restaurants, bars, hotels, supermarkets, and delis
• Allows restaurants and hotels to sell up to four bottles of wine for take-out
• Allows grocery stores that currently sell beer to sell up to four bottles of wine
• Allows for direct shipments of wine to people’s homes
• And makes permanent gas stations’ ability to sell six packs
• Allows casinos to sell alcohol 24 hours a day
• Allows state stores more flexibility in choosing what inventory to carry
For a summary of all changes, visit the PA Liquor Control Board’s website, or click here.