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Borough Input Requested on Complete Streets Policies

2017-11-27 09:27:41

Complete Streets Policies in Pennsylvania
WalkWorks, an initiative of the Pennsylvania Department of Health in partnership with Pitt Public Health, aims to increase opportunities for physical activity.  By engaging community-based partners, WalkWorks plans, implements and markets walking programs utilizing the built environment.  By early 2018, partners will have developed 75 walking routes of 1-2 miles in 17 counties – all of which are utilized by individuals as well as organized walking groups.  Further, WalkWorks promotes relevant policies to further optimize and maximize walkability and bikeability to, ultimately, improve the health of the commonwealth. 
Given the design of our streets is critical to a multimodal transportation system, which can and does influence the health and quality of life of community residents, WalkWorks is studying the value of as well as opportunities and barriers to adopting and implementing Complete Streets policies and the implications of future policies in the state.  We are requesting assistance from all municipalities – even if you do not have a current policy.  The study will examine variables, such as, though not limited to: the current status of complete street policies; whether the policy was adopted by local legislation or resolution; whether it is reflected in a plan, design manual, ordinance; whether the policy includes a timeline and budget for implementation; and community input during development and/or implementation.  Its purpose is to help determine the extent to which complete streets policy adoption – in Pennsylvania – is making a difference in the implementation of projects and, thus, a valuable mechanism for communities to use to enhance opportunities for physical activity. 

We are requesting that you please complete this survey or, if you feel that you are not the appropriate person to complete the survey, please forward this request to the most appropriate person in your municipality.  It is important that we hear from everyone – including those municipalities that do not currently have policies in place.

Please complete the survey no later than Dec. 19, 2017.

Thank you, in advance for your assistance with our work to make Pennsylvania more walkable, bikeable and healthier!
Please click here to access survey.