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Watershed Education and Water Protection Grants Available

2014-01-13 11:32:31

WREN Announces 2014 Community Watershed Education & Source Water Protection Collaborative Grants Now Available!
WREN projects help communities work together to protect and improve our most precious natural resource, clean water.
Boy with Frog Stream  wren drinking water 
Grant Applications Due: March 21, 2014
Project Activity Timeframe:
July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015
Learn more - Download Grant Guidance and Application Form at:
The Water Resources Education Network (WREN) has funding available to help launch community partnerships that raise awareness and educate citizens about ways to keep Pennsylvania water resources clean and healthy. As a WREN project leader, you can make a difference to assure that families will have clean water for generations to come through nature protection and sustainable development. WREN projects help residents and community leaders work together to take action that will reduce risk and prevent pollution of the aquifers, lakes, rivers, streams, springs, and the places we fish, swim and enjoy.
Go to http://www.waterwisepa.org/our-projects to see terrific projects we've already funded to get creative ideas. No need to re-invent the wheel.
For 2014, WREN offers two separate funding tracks: Watershed Protection Education track (awards up to $5,000) and the Source Water Protection Collaborative track (awards of up to $7,000). WREN is a project of the League of Women Voters of PA Citizen Education Fund.
Please review grant guidance and then contact  Julie Kollar, WREN Project Director at 267-468-0555 or email: juliekwren@verizon.net.
Funding for WREN projects is provided by the PADEP Nonpoint Source Management Program through PADEP Growing Green Program through the Environmental Stewardship and Watershed Protection Act of 1999 and Section 319 of the federal Clean Water Act, administered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  Funding for WREN Source Water Protection projects is provided by  the PADEP Source Water Protection Program through Section 1452 (State Revolving Loan Fund for Drinking Water Source Water Protection) of the Safe Drinking Water Act of 1996. All grants are subject to funding availability to the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania Citizen Education Fund.