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Emporium Borough Celebrates 150th Anniversary

2014-11-17 23:32:21

Emporium Borough in Cameron County recently celebrated its 150th Anniversary. Mark Nickerson, a member of the Board of Directors of the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs (PSAB) presented a plaque in recognition. To learn more about Emporium Borough, visit

Emporium was named as early as 1785 when a Holland Land Company surveyor carved the word Emporium in a cut space of a tree in his camp at the mouth of the Portage River. Although the name appears on maps as early as 1790, the first settler did not appear until 1810. Population growth was very slow until Cameron County was established in 1860 and Emporium was chosen as the county seat. A sudden growth led to is incorporation as a borough in 1864.

In the photo: Councilperson Pat Vogt, Councilperson Rick Bauer, Councilperson Ben Newton, Mayor Bruno Carnovale, Councilperson LuAnn Reed, PSAB Board Representative Mark Nickerson and Borough Manager Don "Stretch" Reed are pictured.