2014 PA Municipal Legal Update

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Sen. Mike Folmer spoke to attendees about his plan to legalize medical marijuana through the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Act. John Dernbach, a professor at Widener Law, speaks about the impacts of Act 13 on local governments. PSAB President Ed Child welcomes attendees to the 2014 Legal Update. Attorney Michael Berry provided an overview of the laws governing drone technology. He is from the law firm of Levine, Sullivan, Koch and Schulz, LLP. Attorney Scott Blissman spoke about the handling workplace harassment allegations. Blissman is from the law firm of Eckert Seamans Cherin and Mellott. Attorney Chris Gerber spoke about the limiations of mayoral powers. He is with the law firm of Siana, Bellwoar & McAndrew, LLP. Attorney Donna Kresier spoke about the developments in the world of public finance. She is with the firm of McNees, Wallace & Nurick. Franklin Kury, author of the Environmental Rights Amendment, speaks aboout the impacts of the Act 13 decision by the Supreme Court. Attorney Gretchen Love spoke about managing mental health issues under the ADA. She is with the law firm of Campbell, Durrant, Beatty, Palombo and Miller. Attorney Mike Miller from Eckert Seamans, spoke about mobile device policies in the work place. Andrew Petsu, an attorney with the State Ethics Commission, spoke about how the Ethics Act relates to public officials and employees. PSAB President Ed Child and PSAB 2nd Vice President Chuck Mummert pose with attendees at the Networking Reception. The reception was sponsored by Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott. Transportation Secretary Barry Schoch spoke about the impacts of the Act 89 Transportation Plan and public private partnerships. Attorney Lisa Soronen spoke about recent Supreme Court decisions involving prayers, cell phones and free speech. She is with the State and Local Legal Center in Washington DC. David Unkovic, an attorney with McNees, Wallace and Nurick, spoke about the latest developments in public financing.