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Rethinking Our Historic Places as Community and Economic Assets

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Webinar - 12:00 PM


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Most people appreciate the essential value in preserving their community’s local landmarks and historical museums. Community leaders understand that their demographics are continuing to shift as lifestyles and the regional economy change where people choose to live, shop, and eat. What’s less understood is how our communities can revitalize their historic neighborhoods to meet the needs of both long-time and new residents and how traditional downtowns can be adapted to attract new businesses and thrive in the changing local economy. Discussion will include strategies that successful communities are using to preserve, promote, and invest in their community’s historic character. Learn how historic preservation can play a role in 21st century economic development and planning, how communities can identify and call attention to their historic places, how designating a historic district can benefit without creating a burden for property owners and how tax incentives and funding opportunities can help revitalize your historic community. PA Historic Preservation Specialist’s Bill Callahan and Bryan Van Sweden of PHMC will be your presenters.

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