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New Changes to PA Borough Code

2014-05-02 16:06:44

New Changes to the PA Borough Code
H.B. 1719 (the Borough Code revision and subsequent codification) was signed into law on April 18, 2014 as Act 37 of 2014. The Borough Code will be placed into Title 8 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes instead of keeping it a freestanding statute.  Click here to read specific details.
Act 43 of 2012 modernized the Borough Code with many changes for the first time in 40 years. In this latest version only about 2 percent of the Borough Code was revised.  A few important changes include the Parks and Recreation Boards and the authority for council and the mayor to be compensated for service on a municipal authority, a commission or other board.
*Please note effective June 18,  2014 the Borough Code (Act 43 of 2012) is hereby repealed.
Discussions are underway between PSAB and the Pennsylvania Local Government Commission to determine who will be printing new copies of the Borough Code and in what format it will be published.  PSAB will inform our members when there is a decision. PSAB will be posting an electronic copy of Act 37 on our website and the Borough Code website.

Please continue to check back for more updates.

For more information, contact Shelley Houk at shouk@boroughs.org.