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Message from the President

Developed as a networking tool and resource, the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs (PSAB) publishes an annual membership directory to help connect you with other members and business partners. The lists are provided to you as a membership service. The lists found here represent the boroughs, townships, cities and municipal authorities that work with PSAB, and it also provides information about product and service providers that are PSAB's Business Partners. You can also learn more about the leadership and meetings of your County Boroughs Association (CBA).

PSAB strives to ease the governing process for local officials, and we believe that helping you make connections with one another and the companies that serve our boroughs strengthens your skills and knowledge. I hope you will use the membership directory to reach out to colleagues when you have questions or are seeking solutions to problems, to get involved in your CBA as a regional forum, and to consider what our Business Partners can offer in your community.

Pennsylvania is fortunate to have so many individuals that are willing to serve in a local office, in both appointed and elected roles. Thank you for the service you provide to your community.


Edward Child
PSAB President
Bucks County