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Budget Bulletin 2015

A borough’s operating budget is the single most important work product that serves a number of purposes – it allocates money between departments; authorizes expenses and projects spending. A budget is a financial plan that shows how much money will be available, what resources it will come from and how the budget will be used.

The 2015 Budget Bulletin is now available here. All PSAB members will be emailed or faxed a password. If you are in need of it, please contact Mira Miller at or 800-232-7722, Ext. 1019.

While municipal budgets must be adopted by Dec. 31,[1] most boroughs start preparing them in September. The budget must also be available for public review prior to final adoption.

If you still need assistance or have any questions about preparing your borough’s budget, please contact Shelley Houk, Director of Research, at 800-232-7722 ext. 1018 or by email at, or  Ed Knittel, Senior Director, Education and Sustainability, at ext. 1027 or by email at

[1] In a municipal election year, the budget may be reopened and amended per Section 1311 of the Borough Code. An amended budget must be adopted by Feb. 15.