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Energy Procurement Program

Reduce & Manage Energy Expenses

Since 2011, PSAB has partnered with Affiliated Power Purchasers International (APPI) to provide an exclusive member benefit that assists municipalities in managing and reducing energy expenses. APPI navigates the maze of energy deregulation by negotiating favorable, "real-time" pricing and contract terms and conditions with 54 approved energy suppliers. APPI provides energy procurement services with no upfront cost to your municipality. This allows you to make an informed decision before you commit.

As part of your PSAB membership benefit, APPI Energy is available to:

  • Analyze your energy usage
  • Evaluate your energy bill
  • Deliver an apples-to-apples comparison of supplier prices and contracts
  • Negotiate a supply solution for you

Founded in 1996, APPI Energy gives boroughs and other municipalities a competitive edge to make informed and customized purchasing decisions that will lower costs.  Learn more about our process.

Ready to reduce your energy expenses?  Visit APPI at or contact Jane Seagraves, APPI Business Development Director, at 800-520-6685 or