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In an effort to get grant information to you in a more timely fashion, PSAB will now be moving grant opportunities to our website. This means PSAB will no longer produce a paper copy of the newsletter. The Winter 2013 edition of a "Borough’s Guide to Grants” will be the last.

This change was made to respond better to your needs. Often, grant opportunities that we are aware of have a quick submission deadline. This means, by the time we publish the paper newsletter, it doesn’t allow enough time for you to properly prepare an application. Additionally, we can get you the information – and deadlines – as soon as we get them.

Over the next year, we will also be expanding the Grants section to include training and other information that will help you be prepared to submit the best application you can. In this highly competitive field, we want to help our boroughs rise to the top.

For questions on where to look for grants, contact Ron Grutza, Regulatory Affairs Coordinator at 717-236-9526, Ext. 1044 or by email at