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Current Session Schedule through June 2014

If you are interested in the activities of the Pennsylvania General Assembly, then we have the perfect information outlet and advocacy opportunity. PSAB developed the Legislative Contact Network, or LCN, which is a group of borough officials who are involved in legislation and the issues that impact their boroughs. Through the LCN, the Government Affairs Department works with borough officials who have established relationships with legislators to educate them on what is transpiring in Harrisburg on a variety of legislative initiatives. In addition, LCN participants are asked to contact their legislators and share their borough's perspective as well as the local government perspective.

Advocacy starts at the local level, so we urge you to get involved and make change happen! Contact the Government Affairs Department to learn more about how you can be involved in the LCN, or, by completing the legislative contact sheet, you can become a LCN participant now.

The LCN receives communication from the Government Affairs Department about a variety of legislative issues from time to time, and when you are asked to take action on an issue, you will receive a feedback from to notify the PSAB office of how you communicated with legislators. That form is also available here.