Important Notice: 2021 Municipal Tax Information Form Access

December 30th, 2020

Municipality Notice to File

Under various state statutes, municipalities and counties are required to file elected and appointed official contact, tax, financial condition and audit information, annually, with the PA Department of Community & Economic Development (DCED). All forms must be submitted through the Municipal Statistics website. New users must create a new user registration profile to login into the system.

2021 Municipal Tax Information Form Access (Municipalities, only): You will be able to access this form as early as November 16, 2020 by navigating to the “Start Page” within the Municipal Statistic website. If you have had withholding rate changes or tax collector changes, this form is due by December 1, 2020. If there are no withholding rate or tax collector changes, the form is due by January 15, 2021.
For Municipalities: The following 2021-year forms will be available as early as January 6, 2021:
  • 2021 Municipality Report of Elected and Appointed Officials: This form is due January 31, 2021.
  • 2020 Survey of Financial Condition: This form is due March 15, 2021. If you submit the form by February 11, 2021, you will receive “on-time” liquid fuels payments.
  • 2020 Municipal Annual Audit and Financial Report: This form is due April 1, 2021.
Users can file forms here.


For any questions about the municipality and county filing requirements, email the Governor’s Center for Local Government Services at or call 888-223-6837. You may also access the 2021 Forms Tip Sheets or the Password Reset option on the Municipal Statistics website.