Ordinance Submission Guidelines

Submit Your Ordinances to Our Ordinance Library

PSAB welcomes copies of your ordinances. Many sample ordinances research department are becoming outdated or have been rejected by the appellate courts and must be removed. We aim to enlarge the ordinance library so that we can fulfill members’ requests. Please consider sharing yours.

Below are some important points to follow:
  • The ordinance must be from a borough in Pennsylvania and not from another type of municipality or state.
  • The ordinance should be not a draft, but a duly enacted ordinance.
  • The names of officials’ who signed the ordinance may be redacted.
  • Please notify PSAB if the ordinance was challenged, the name of the case and the decision.
  • Ordinances must be submitted electronically to Shelley Houk at shouk@boroughs.org.
Thank you on behalf of the research department and PSAB.