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turnKey Taxes Offers “New Technology for an Old Problem”

2016-10-25 14:23:47

Local governments across Pennsylvania face many challenges and the boroughs of Pennsylvania are no exception. The most critical need is money. The question is, what is the most efficient process for collecting, managing, and reporting revenue?
There are many costs and considerations: computers, software licenses, personnel and learning curves.  In addition, there are multiple tax collectors and sources of other revenues, such as permits, fines and licenses. Compiling the revenues each month can take one or more days – time that is already at a premium for many financial managers.
What turnKey Taxes set out to accomplish in 2012 was threefold. First, to provide a web-based standardized data solution that adheres to the financials reports required by the DCED. Second, to deliver accurate taxpayer counts and transactions, with the ability to load in historical payment history. And third, have a learning curve of less than 30 minutes.
Upland Borough, Delaware County, became the first ‘electronic city’ in the state to consolidate all of its property, business, and individual information into turnKey. Established in 1687, it is not only are the oldest community in Pennsylvania, but perhaps the most progressive by monitoring every revenue stream.
“Our property taxes have not been raised in 29 years and are still at 2 mils. Having turnKey at our disposal is a tremendous tool to add to our arsenal.  It allows us to quickly identify monies that have not been paid. A program like this is long overdue,” said Ed Mitchell, Borough Council President.
In May 2015, turnKey overhauled the user interface to make it even easier to use – even for a novice.  And it is swiftly making a difference in communities across the state.  And with shrinking revenue from the federal and state governments, turnKey’s time is welcome relief. To learn more, visit or contact Mark Schuster at
Photo caption: Upland Borough Council President Ed Mitchell, Recording Secretary Shannon Strigle, Clerk Cindy Romeo, and turnKey taxes CEO Mark Schuster.