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Energy Procurement Program

Reduce & Manage Energy Expenses

The Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs has endorsed APPI Energy to provide data-driven procurement solutions that reduce and manage electricity and natural gas supply costs for clients on an ongoing basis. Every day, APPI Energy identifies the wide range of energy supplier prices across the U.S., and the lowest prices available among many vetted, competing suppliers. To take advantage of this membership benefit program, contact Carrie Shepard at APPI Energy at 667-330-1167.

New! More than 100 Member Municipalities Enrolled in Energy Procurement Program (7/5/16)

Recommendations to PSAB members regarding when to buy energy, and which contract length is best, are based on extensive data analytics and more than 20 years of transaction experience.
This includes:  

  • evaluation of current supply contracts
  • proprietary price analytics
  • energy tariff analysis, regulatory tracking
  • complete customer service



Founded in 1996, APPI Energy gives boroughs and other municipalities a competitive edge to make informed and customized purchasing decisions that will lower costs.  Learn more about our processes.

Ready to reduce your energy expenses?  Visit APPI at or contact Jane Seagraves, APPI Business Development Director, at 800-520-6685 or

This program meets the exemption from typical bidding requirements found in the PA Borough Code, Title 8, Pa.C.S. Section 1402(d)(4)(iii). For a legal opinion on this issue, please ask your solicitor.