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March 12, 2024
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New American Rescue Plan Act Reporting Resources
Recording of a new webinar, SLFRF NEU Webinar:Portal Demonstration & Overview of SLFRF Reporting and Compliance Responsibilities, on Treasury's YouTube page at the following link:

Before submitting your Project and Expenditure (P&E) report , please take a few moments to bookmark these links in a browser such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge and use that browser when submitting your report. As a reminder, the Treasury portal does not work well on Internet Explorer.

Self-Service Resources
See Section 2 for information about,, and
See Section 3 for information about Creating Accounts, adding/changing Points of Contact, Authorized Representative, Unique Identifier Number (UEI) and more.

Recipient Compliance and Reporting Responsibilities Webpage  
  • Scroll to “Accessing Treasury’s portal” for login instructions for and
    • Register and access Treasury’s portal We recommend NEUs use see ourSLFRF Account Explainer Video with step-by-step registration information.
    • Register and access Treasury’s reporting portal using Also see ourSLFRF Account Explainer Video with step-by-step registration information.
  • Scroll to “Webinars” for follow-along instructions about a wide array of helpful topics, including a demonstration of the portal , bulk uploads, user roles, and other topics. Note: We will announce when this latest webinar is posted here.
  • Scroll to “Key Links” for SLFRF program information and updates, including the 2022 Final Rule, 2023 Interim Final Rule, Obligation Interim Final Rule, fact sheets, and more.
Quick Links
Compliance and Reporting Guidance
Project and Expenditure Report User Guide
Audit Requirements
SLFRF Frequently Asked Questions

Explainer Videos
SLFRF Account Explainer Video
SLFRF Account Explainer Video
Trouble Shooting Reporting Explainer Video
Reporting Requirements Explainer Video
Understanding User Roles in the Treasury Reporting Portal

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The following SLFRF resource links are provided to assist PSAB members who may have interest: