Unemployment Compensation (UC) Plan

PSAB's Unemployment Compensation (UC) Plan was created for your benefit more than 40 years ago. This program provides you with overall management of your UC claims and gives you a cost effective option.

PSAB’s UC Plan offers, but is not limited to:

  • Consistently lower contribution rates
  • A team of professionals that has the expertise you need in UC claims management, regulations and laws
  • FREE hearing representation and/or consultation
  • Secure online reporting capability that will simplify your efforts
For a list of frequently asked questions that can help you, click here.

Let PSAB  save you money on UC and provide you with
excellent, experienced, prompt customer assistance.

To learn more, contact Deb Janney, Senior Director of Membership Services & Risk Management, at 717-236-9526, Ext. 1025 or djanney@boroughs.org.

Unemployment Compensation Resources

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