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New Law Allows for Tax Credits for Volunteer Firefighter, EMS

2016-11-23 12:16:34

Local Tax Credits for Volunteer Firefighters and EMS Volunteers Approved by Gov. Wolf
Gov. Tom Wolf recently signed into law House Bill 1683 (Act 172 of 2016), sponsored by state Rep. Ryan Warner (R-Fayette), that will allow local governments to grant fire and emergency medical services (EMS) volunteers tax credits for local taxes. 
The new law provides an optional tax credit program for the local earned income tax (EIT) and a 20 percent property tax credit. 
This tax credit program is not mandatory. Each borough can decide whether to implement the program in their community. A local government would need to enact an ordinance to implement the tax credit program. 
Further guidance on the tax credit program will be forthcoming from the state and PSAB, including a sample ordinance. 
The law takes effect Jan. 20.