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COSTARS Salt Participation Agreement Closes March 15

2017-02-07 16:24:30

COSTARS Salt Participation Agreement Closes Mar. 15

Boroughs have until March 15 to complete the COSTAR's 2017-2018 Salt Participation Agreement through the state's cooperative purchasing program. Under the contract, the state Department of General Services will secure more than one million tons of salt this year for the state Department of Transportation and local governments.  

While only registered members may participate in the Commonwealth’s salt contract, it is simple to sign up for COSTARS. To learn more, go to the COSTARS website, or call 866-768-7827.

To participate in next season’s salt contract, you must complete a simple one-page document that can be submitted electronically.  Although legally binding, the contract has built-in flexibility. For example, participants are obligated to purchase only 60 percent of their stated needs but may buy up to 140 percent at the contracted price. Liquid fuels funds may be used to purchase the materials.

The road salt contract is the only COSTARS agreement that requires an advance commitment.

For more information about COSTARS, go to and click on “Cooperative Purchasing/COSTARS” in the “Business Links” column.