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Membership Notice: Identifying Questionable Emails

2017-04-11 14:10:02

Membership Notice: Identifying "Fake" Emails

The Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs (PSAB) recently received inquiries from a few members about an email they received alerting them about "new guidelines" that were available.

The email was NOT sent from PSAB.

PSAB takes steps to safeguard your information, and does not sell your contact information to any third-parties. PSAB business partners, upon request, may receive an email list so they can contact you about their products and services.You can check PSAB's website to verify if a company is a PSAB business partner, or call 800-232-7722.

Click here to download tips for identifying questionable emails.

Never forward a suspected spam email to other people. Report the email to your IT or designated staff person. If you receive an email from PSAB and you aren't sure if the email is legitimate, contact PSAB at 800-232-7722.