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Alert: Don't Balance State Budget on Backs of Local Governments

2017-09-15 09:22:21

Don't Balance the Budget on the Backs of Local Governments  
As you know, the 2017-2018 state budget has not yet been finalized. Although the state funding plan passed the General Assembly by the July 1 deadline, it did not address a $1.5 billion deficit from the year before or a projected $700 million shortfall in the 2017-18 budget.
Now, the General Assembly is trying to balance the budget by raiding funds that negatively impact local governments and their residents.The Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs is opposed to any plan that would raid dedicated funds to close a budget gap.
Thank you to those who have already taken action to oppose funding cuts that would affect local governments in a detrimental way. Your calls and emails are working!
While your outreach has helped to remove volunteer fire services and other programs from the chopping block, programs that affect local transportation, environmental, recreation, and recycling programs remain under attack.
Now, municipal pension state aid and Act 13 impact fees have been identified as a target in amendments to the budget plan.
These cuts will eliminate or stall projects in your communities.

Special Funds

HB 453 Fund Transfer Chart

Act Immediately. 

Please call your House and Senate members and urge them to oppose these cuts to vital programs in our communities.Click here to obtain contact information for your legislators.
Then, email to let us know you took action!