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Sewer and Septic Repair Loan Program Expanded

2017-10-26 15:43:06

Sewer and Septic Repair Loan Program Expanded

The Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority (PENNVEST) and the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA) are expanding a program intended to help homeowners with repairs and connections to septic and sewer systems. The goals are to help homeowners deal with the unexpected expenses related to this work and to protect water quality in Pennsylvania.

The Homeowner Septic Program previously covered repairs to residential septic systems and first-time connections to a public sewer. It now is being expanded to include loans for repairs to existing sewer line connections to homes.
This latest enhancement is in addition to other improvements made to the loan program in the last two years. For instance, it was previously announced that the loan program now has expanded eligibility requirements, can approve loan amounts up to $25,000 (including loans for manufactured homes), and has increased the number of local and regional lending participants.

The lenders who originate the Homeowner Septic Program loans are: Liberty Mortgage Corporation, Erie; The Muncy National Bank, Muncy; Widget Financial Credit Union, Erie; American Bank, Allentown; Erie FCU, Erie; and Members’ Choice Financial Credit Union, Danville. Together they make the Homeowner Septic Program available statewide. PHFA expects to have additional lenders joining the program in coming months.

Homeowners who want more information or want to start the PENNVEST application process should contact a participating lender. They can also call PHFA at 855-U-Are-Home (827-3466), and then press “0” to connect to the agency’s Customer Solutions Center, or visit

Lenders interested in participating in the Home Septic Program should visit PHFA’s website, or call Roberta Schwalm with PHFA at 717-780-3838.