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Member Alert: Municipal Radar

2017-11-16 09:01:51

Member Alert: Contact Your State Representatives to Pass Bill Allowing Municipal Radar

Harrisburg– The Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs (PSAB) lauded the passage of Senate Bill 251 authored by Sen. Randy Vulakovich (R-Allegheny) that would allow municipal police officers to use radar for speed enforcement. PSAB has actively lobbied for passage of this measure for more than two decades.

Pennsylvania remains the only state in the country that cannot use the important device. Like other police departments around the country, our local police can put themselves in the line of duty, they carry guns and tasers, and they make arrests. Yet, unlike other police officers, they are not permitted to use this simple, life-saving device.

The bill sets the following conditions:
  • Municipalities must pass an ordinance allowing the use of RADAR/LIDAR.
  • Municipalities with RADAR/LIDAR must post signs indicating their use.
  • Points will not be assigned if the speed recorded is less than 10 miles over the speed limit.
  • Municipalities must test RADAR and LIDAR devices at least annually and they must be approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
SB 251 is now before the state House for consideration.

Member Action Alert:PSAB requests each borough to contact their state representatives and encourage them to pass this bill. Then, email PSAB at to let us know you acted on this important measure.