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Notice Archive

January 10th, 2017: April 5 Deadline for Road and Bridge Safety Awards

March 27th, 2017: Nominations Open for Great Places in PA

February 27th, 2017: Municipalities to Receive $466 Million for Local Roads

February 13th, 2017: PMPEI Train the Trainer Class

January 26th, 2017: Are You Registered? Writing Effective Grant Proposals

January 20th, 2017: Gov. Wolf Declares Disaster Emergency; Tools for Officials

January 19th, 2017: PA Granted Extension on REAL ID Requirements

December 21st, 2016: 2017 Environmentally Sensitive Maintenance Trainings Set

December 13th, 2016: 2017 Mileage Rate & Payroll Tax Rate Released

December 12th, 2016: 2017 Bidding Thresholds Released

December 2nd, 2016: Federal Disaster Funding Announced for October Flooding

November 23rd, 2016: New Law Allows for Tax Credits for Volunteer Firefighter, EMS

November 23rd, 2016: Judge Blocks Implementation of DOL Overtime Regulations

November 21st, 2016: DEP Unveils Interactive Map to Assist Boroughs with MS4 Permits

October 31st, 2016: Borough News Magazine Honored at National Folio Awards

October 20th, 2016: Member Notice: Cellular Tower Placements in Public Rights-of-Way

October 7th, 2016: New Regulations of Shale Drilling Take Effect

October 5th, 2016: $336 Million Released for Pensions, Volunteer Firefighters

September 20th, 2016: Act 205 Reporting Forms Officially Transitioned

September 20th, 2016: Act 10: Expansion of Permitted Investments Overview

August 19th, 2016: PSAB Testimony Before PUC on First Energy Rate Increase

August 17th, 2016: Auditor General Says Municipal Pension Aid on Schedule

August 8th, 2016: PSAB Member Alert: Act 39 in Effect

July 20th, 2016: Office of Open Records Updates Website

July 18th, 2016: Governor's Center Releases Guide for Local Officials

July 6th, 2016: 100 Member Municipalities Enrolled in Energy Procurement Program

July 5th, 2016: PSAB Members: 2016 Directory Available

June 27th, 2016: FAA Releases Drone Guidelines for Business Use

June 22nd, 2016: PUC Announces $188 Million Distribution of Gas Drilling Impact Fees

June 7th, 2016: PSAB Honors More than 150 Individuals and Boroughs

April 26th, 2016: 2016 Dirt Gravel and Low Volume Road Fact Sheet Available

March 28th, 2016: PennDOT Brochure Outlines Funding Sources for Boroughs

February 29th, 2016: PennDOT Announces Liquid Fuels Payments to Local Governments

February 25th, 2016: PLCB Returns Licensing Fees to 412 Boroughs

February 25th, 2016: PUC Highlights Recommendations from Pipeline Task Force

January 15th, 2016: Ordering Copies of the Borough Code

November 5th, 2015: Update on Property Tax Collector Training

September 29th, 2015: Right to Know Handbook Available for Open Records Officers

August 21st, 2015: APPI Cautions Customers Against Electricity Scams

August 19th, 2015: Public Can Use Phones to Photograph Public Records for Free

June 26th, 2015: PA Court Rejects Law on Municipal Gun Ordinances

April 16th, 2015: Boroughs Honored with Local Government Excellence Awards

March 9th, 2015: Local Government Guide to Pipelines Available

January 13th, 2015: E-Filing Required for DCED Forms in 2015

October 31st, 2014: Boroughs Receive Grants to Improve Safety

September 26th, 2014: "From Blight to Bright" Toolkit Available for Municipalities

July 18th, 2014: PSAB Applauds Act 13 Ruling that Upholds Local Control

June 18th, 2014: New Borough Code Effective June 18

May 13th, 2014: Important Notice on UC Legislative Change

May 12th, 2014: Supreme Court Approves Prayer at Public Meetings

April 10th, 2014: PSAB Testimony on Financially Distressed Communities

April 4th, 2014: Important Info Concerning Unemployment Compensation

March 5th, 2014: House Approves Bill To Ease Flood Insurance Rates

February 14th, 2014: Information For Municipalities Regarding Salt Supply

February 12th, 2014: ACA Mandate Delayed For Employers with 50-100 Employees

January 13th, 2014: Volunteer Firefighters Exempt from ACA Requirement

January 3rd, 2014: PSAB Statement on PA Supreme Court Oil and Gas Decision