Legislative Resources

These documents are available to help your borough learn about PSAB's priorities.

Emergency Procurements (Act 99 of 2018)
Sample Resolution
Act 99 Text

Wireless Infrastructure Deployment
HB 2564
PSAB Statement on HB 2564 Before House Consumer Affairs Committee (8/9/18)
House Consumer Affairs Committee Hearing - Video (8/9/18)

Regulation of Municipal Electric
HB 1405

Third Pary Administrators (UCC)
PSAB Action Alert
SB 663
HB 1469

Radar by Municipal Police
Pennsylvania is the only state in the U.S. that does not allow its municipal police to use radar. The time to act is now. Please use these resources to email, fax, or call your legislators and tell them to pass Senate Bill 251 and House Bill 43.

House Bill 43
Senate Bill 251
ample Resolution Your Borough Can Adopt
Sample Resolution from Lancaster County Boroughs Association
Sample Resolution from Palmyra Borough, Lebanon County
Sample Resolution from Whitehall Borough, Allegheny County
Testimony before Senate Transportation Committee
Traffic Safety Facts
Debunking Misconceptions
The Radar Coalition (PSAB is a member) 

Act 172 - Volunteer Firefighter & EMS Tax Credits
Background and Guiding Document
Sample Ordinance

These sample documents above are provided for your information only. Your borough should be aware of the potential implications of the adoption of this ordinance under various tax codes and on the employer-employee relationship (i.e., benefits/insurance), which were not addressed in the enabling legislation. The Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs does not dispense legal advice. You should consult your solicitor for a legal opinion.

Fighting the Drug Epidemic
Prescription Drug Take-Back Locations
Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

Body Cameras
Bureau of Justice Assistance National Body Worn Camera Toolkit

First Energy Rate Increase
PSAB Testimony Before PUC Opposing Rate Increase (8/18/16)

Private Flood Insurance
Private Flood Insurance Available in PA/One Stop Website
Consumer Alert for Homeowners on Appealing Flood Maps

Local Tax Collection Law (House Bill 1590 / Act 164 of 2014 Summary)
Summary of Changes
PSAB Analysis
DCED Resources

Student Housing
PSAB Testimony
House Local Government Committee Hearing on HB 809


Muncipal Fact Sheet on Dirt, Gravel, & Low Volume Roads Program - 4/26/16
Conservation Districts
Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST)
Partnering with Local Governments
FAQ's on PennDOT Multimodal Fund
Dirt and Gravel Program Municipal Fact Sheet
PSAB Expanded Analysis of Transportation Bill (Act 89)
PSAB Summary of Transportation Bill (Act 89)
Special Hauling Permit Notice
Act 89 (HB 1060)
Transportation Funding Advisory Commission
Pennsylvania Transportation Performance Report (3/13/13)