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The Employment Alliance of Municipalities (TEAM)

Labor & Employment: Counseling & Legal Advice
The Employment Alliance of Municipalities (TEAM) was designed to provide members with experienced counseling and legal advice on difficult labor and employment issues facing public employers.
TEAM helps municipalities offset the historical advantage created by unions. Participating in TEAM provides municipalities a significant degree of leverage in labor negotiations and arbitrations.
TEAM member benefits include:
  • Assistance in up to eight (8) non-complex, legal questions per year via phone or email
  • Emails on recent developments on public sector labor and employment law issues
  • Participation in education covering public sector labor and employment law at low or no cost
  • Representation at negotiations, hearings and arbitrations
  • Discounted rates offered on other services such as an analysis of handbooks, labor contracts, workplace audits and Civil Service rules and regulations
TEAM services are provided by Eckert Seamans.

View the TEAM Brochure here.

For more information, contact Deb Janney at 800-232-7722, Ext. 1025 or or Jeff Heishman at 800-232-7722, Ext. 1016 or