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Affiliated Organizations

Association of Mayors of the Boroughs of PA

The purpose of the Association is to secure a closer official and personal relationship among the mayors of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and to secure unity of action in matters pertaining to the mayors and their duties. For more information, contact Diane Smith, Secretary, at dianesmith.ambp@gmail.com.

PA Borough Solicitors Association

The PA Borough Solicitors Association provides access to research and information through PSAB to help your process of providing legal advice and drafting ordinances. Click here for more information.

For more information, contact Shelley Houk, Executive Director, at 800-232-7722 ext. 1018 or by email at shouk@boroughs.org.

Chrostwaite Institute

Pennsylvania is confronting a host of new challenges that are crucial to the Commonwealth's future. In an effort to address these pressing issues, the Chrostwaite Institute will analyze systemic enhancements in government, pursue collaborative research ventures and provide educational opportunities for decision-makers that may effectively promote local and regional economies throughout Pennsylvania. The Institute's activities are dedicated to improving areas such as government efficiency, investment in core communities, fiscal stability, transportation, water infrastructure, community and economic development. Pennsylvania must also foster local leadership capacity, promote civic engagement and counter the growing crisis of young talent exiting our Commonwealth in favor of other state economies. For more information, visit www.chrostwaite.com.

PA Borough Councils Association

There are 956 boroughs in the Commonwealth and over 8,000 council members elected to serve those communities. It is important for each council member to strengthen his governance and leadership capabilities, and the Pennsylvania Borough Councils Association (PBCA) is intended to help cultivate each council member’s skills.

Membership in the PBCA covers all council members and includes:

• Free registration to one webinar
• Membership session during the Fall Leadership Conference
• Membership session during the Annual Conference
• Opportunity to receive the “Council Member of the Year” award

For more information, contact Ed Knittel, Senior Director of Education & Sustainability, at 800-232-7722, Ext. 1027 or by email at eknittel@boroughs.org.

PA Association of Municipal Administrators

The PA Association of Municipal Administrators (PAMA) was established in 1959 to recognize the professionalism of the municipal administrator and to improve standards and practices in the profession through educational programs. For more information visit PAMA's website at www.pamunicipaladministrators.org or contact Mary Weller, Executive Director at 800-232-7722, Ext. 1026 or by email at mweller@boroughs.org.

PA Association of Councils of Governments

The Pennsylvania Association of Councils of Governments (PACOG) is a voluntary organization of Councils of Governments (COGs) created to foster a cooperative effort in the solution of common municipal problems.

The PACOG strives to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, to insure effective communication, to facilitate agreements and cooperative actions, to improve efficiency and service of joint efforts, to provide technical aid and services to member COGs and to promote legislation for the advancement of local governments.

A primary role of PACOG is to empower and encourage municipal cooperation, communication and collaboration. By working together to solve multi-jurisdictional problems, communities can achieve more effective and efficient government and save taxpayers money.

PACOG’s mission is to improve and strengthen intergovernmental cooperation in Pennsylvania. For more information, visit www.pacog.com or contact Linda Costa, Executive Director at 800-232-7722, Ext. 1028 or by email at lcosta@boroughs.org.