PRPS Offering Virtual Sport Event Risk Management Course

April 8th, 2021

How comfortable are you with your organization's risk assessment process for large-scale events? Would you like to learn more - or do you have stakeholders within your network that would benefit from free training?

The Pennsylvania Park Maintenance Institute is seeking to host a virtual training for managers and other stakeholders that host members of the public in sports venues and event facilities. The Sport Event Risk Management course is designed to build sport and special event risk management capabilities for community-wide collaboration and mitigation. Trainees will be introduced to the key principles involved with risk analysis that they can take back to their institution to ensure a more holistic public safety plan.

Course overview and more specific details can be found HERE.

The Institute is working with the University of Southern Mississippi National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security to offer this FEMA funded training opportunities in the near future. The course is offered at no cost to participants, however it does require a commitment to 15 hours of online instruction (Tuesday – Thursday; 5hrs / day). We need to secure a minimum class size of 15 participants (maximum 25) in order to host a course.

At this point we are announcing our plan, and building interest in participation. We are seeking to host a virtual course Tuesday, May 25th – Thursday, May 27th (10am – 3pm (Eastern) each day). We will not be able to offer the course unless we are able to secure the minimum class size. Should you like to participate, please contact BK Koehler – Director of the Pennsylvania Park Maintenance Institute to communicate your interest and to learn more about scheduling.