ARPA Local Fiscal Recovery Funds Compliance and Reporting Guidance Update

October 6th, 2021

The U.S. Treasury announced on September 30, 2021 the following changes for the first ARPA Project & Expenditure Report. The U.S.Treasury has extended the deadline for submission of the first Project and Expenditure Reports, which were originally due on October 31, 2021, as follows:
For non-entitlement units of government (NEUs), the Project and Expenditure report will now be due on April 30, 2022 and will cover the period between award date and March 31, 2022.
Further instructions will be provided by the U.S. Treasury at a later date, including updates to the Compliance and Reporting guidance as well as a user guide to assist recipients to gather and submit the information through Treasury’s Portal.

PSAB will keep you updated when the information is released by the U.S.Treasury. 

If you have questions on ARPA reporting, please contact Ron Grutza, Senior Director of Regulatory Affairs or 800-232-7722, Ext. 1044.