CDBG-CV Program Update – Application Window to Open Soon

April 27th, 2022

CDBG-CV Program Update – Application Window to Open Soon
April 25, 2022
DCED’s Substantial Amendment for the Community Development Block Grant – CARES Act (CDBG-CV) Program has been approved by the HUD Philadelphia Regional Office.  DCED will soon be opening the application window for application preparation and submission for CDBG-CV funding.  We are encouraging everyone who has unmet needs to consider applying for funds.  There remains approximately $54,000,000 in uncommitted dollars.  DCED has prioritized the following projects for this round:
  • Increase the amount of available funding for Public Improvements and Facilities to $51,623,518
    • Prioritizing the Public Improvement and Facilities projects in the following order:
Water System Improvements
Sanitary Sewer Improvements
Broadband Infrastructure
Public Facilities (all other types)
  • Allow units of local government, which applied under the CDBG-Competitive Application to have their application evaluated under the CDBG-CV Program, if it meets the program requirements
  • Reduce the amount ofavailable funding for Public Service activities to $800,000
  • Reduce the amount of availablefunding for Housing-related activities to $950,000
  • Reduce the amount of availablefunding for Economic Development-Small Business Assistance activities to $950,000
    • Allow local governments to apply for funding for Economic Development activities
The application kit is currently being updated and is anticipated to be available in 3-4 weeks.  However, if your municipality has unmet needs due to COVID-19, DCED is encouraging you to begin the process by identifying those unmet needs and scheduling an initial public hearing for citizens to comment on unmet needs.  Two public hearings will be required. Please review the Commonwealth’s Citizen Participation Plan located in the Library on DCED website on the Federal Resources Program Library then click on the Citizen Participation link.
DCED anticipates a 6 – 8 week timeframe for planning and completion of the application prior to submission thru the Electronic Submission Application (ESA) process. 
In addition, an expenditure deadline for 80% of the funding has been established which is June 3, 2023.  Projects should be tempered to meet this expenditure deadline.  DCED intends to apply for a waiver to the expenditure deadline as soon as HUD releases guidance on that process any will send any updates as soon as new information becomes available.
Should you have any questions regarding this CD&H Alert, please contact Ian Miller (717) 720-7407  or Donna Enrico (717) 720-7343        
HUD Exchange CDBG-CV Quick Guides 
PPR Tieback Flexibilities
Public Facilities
​Economic Development

See the DCED website for more information on the program.