Waiver of Additional Charges for Delinquent Real Estate Tax Payments

October 11th, 2022

Earlier this year, Governor Tom Wolf signed Act 57 of 2022 which amends the Local Tax Collection Law to provide waivers for additional fees due to unpaid real estate taxes. These waivers only apply in certain circumstances if submitted to the tax collector within 12 months of a qualifying event. Act 57 requires all taxing districts enact an ordinance or pass a resolution on or before January 7, 2023.

The ordinance or resolution must require the tax collector waive additional charges for taxpayers who have purchased a home within the previous twelve months and have not received their tax bill in the mail. Please check the PSAB website for a copy of Act 57, for a copy of the DCED Request for Waiver of Additional Charges Form, and a sample ordinance.

Below are additional links:

Waiver form:
Act 57 Law: