November 30th, 2022

A First Step Toward Building Comprehensive, Standardized Maps of Broadband Availability Throughout the U.S.
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently released a pre-production draft of its new National Broadband Map. The map will display specific location-level information about broadband services available throughout the country – a significant step forward from the census block level data previously collected. This release of the draft map kicks off the public challenge processes that will play a critical role in improving the accuracy of the map. An accurate map is an important resource for targeting $42 billion in federal funds and other efforts to bring broadband to unserved and underserved communities.
To view the broadband maps, please visit and search an address to see information about the fixed and mobile services that internet providers report are available there. If the fixed internet services shown are not available at the user’s location, you may file a challenge with the FCC directly through the map interface to correct the information. Map users will also be able to correct information about their location and add their location to the map if it is missing. The draft map will also allow users to view the mobile wireless coverage reported by cellular service providers.
Challenge Process
An individual or a local government may file a challenge with the FCC on the accuracy of the maps.  Fabric location data, fixed availability data, and/or mobile availability data can all be challenged.  A local government may choose to file a bulk challenge on any of these categories.  More information is available on challenges at the FCC Fact Sheet and Assistance
Resources For Filers Of Bulk Fixed Availability Challenge Data.
In addition to these resources, the FCC has a set of tutorials for bulk challenges.  Tutorial 1  Tutorial 2
The FCC has asked for challenges to the map data be submitted between now and January 13, 2023, so that corrections can be included in a finalized version of the map.

Additional Links
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FCC National Broadband Map Fact Sheet
Assistance Resources For Filers of Bulk Fixed Availability Challenge Data

On Friday, November 18th, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released the pre-production draft of its new National Broadband Map. In preparation for the pending challenge deadline and in an effort to seek as much accurate information as possible, the Pennsylvania Broadband Development Authority, in conjunction with Penn State Extension is providing these informational webinars.

Join the Authority and Penn State Extension during these webinars to learn more about the following:
  • Map purpose
  • Map impact on Pennsylvania
  • Two challenge processes
  • Demonstration of the map’s functionality
  • Demonstration to submit an individual challenge
  • Overview of process to submit data to Penn State/The Authority
The below links will take you to the registration page for the webinar that you’d prefer. Please note that the information covered will be the same at both webinars.
FCC National Broadband Map & Challenge Process – Webinar 1 – Monday 12/5/22, 10-11AM
FCC National Broadband Map & Challenge Process – Webinar 2 – Tuesday 12/6/22, 1-2PM