Important Message from PEMA

April 9th, 2024

PEMA has been notified by Everbridge that effective July 31, 2024, CEM Planner will be an end-of-life product. PEMA is aware that emergency management planners in counties, municipalities, and school districts use CEM Planner to store and update emergency operations plans, dam plans, radiological plans and/or school plans.


Please make sure that those who are using CEM Planner within your borough to store and update their plans are aware of the July 31 date and know that they will need to download a copy of everything that they wish to retain prior to July 31, 2024.


PEMA is in the process of exploring options for a replacement product and seeks to avoid a gap in emergency planning software. However, since a gap in service is possible, it is imperative for users to download their plans and data to retain access and records. 


More information will be forthcoming in the future if and once that solution is procured.


If you have questions, please contact