Pennsylvania State and Local Cybersecurity Grant Program Workshop

April 16th, 2024

Pennsylvania is eligible for up to $5.2 million in FFY 2022 and $10.4 million in FFY2023 of the State and Local Government Cybersecurity Grant Program (SLGCP). Thisfunding will be used to continue and expand the cybersecurity services available to localgovernments through partnerships with the Office of Administration.

These services include security awareness training, anti-phishing exercise capabilities,
vulnerability testing, and network intrusion monitoring.

Local governments will be able to apply for funding through a competitive grant
program administered by the Commonwealth in the FFY 2024 and FFY 2025 of the

The same workshop will be offered on two dates for your convenience. You will receive
an overview of the SLCGP grant process in greater detail and explain each of the four

Contact: SLCGP Committee |

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