Deferred Compensation Plan

The Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs Deferred Compensation (DC) Plan
This page is for PSAB 457b Deferred Compensation Plan participants only.
For those not currently enrolled in PSAB’s 457b program, PSAB no longer endorses MetLife. You can contact Elise Ornstein at 908-253-1298, if you would like to obtain information on MetLife Deferred Comp options.

For those in the DC Plan currently: Please view the videos below to guide you through completing the plan documents. 
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Eligible 457 Prototype Plan and Trust Agreement

Amendment For Pension Protection Act of 2006 and Other Law Changes

Eligibile 457 Prototype Plan Salary Reduction Contributions Adoption Agreement Document

Amendment For Heart And WRERA Document

Metlife Full Video

For questions regarding completing the forms, please contact Elise Ornstein or Megan Amato, MetLife Resources at 908-253-1298 or email Elise at