Legislative Priorities

Through past advocacy efforts, PSAB helped to enact a modernized Borough Code; promoted prevailing wage reform in the Legislature; sought relief for unfunded mandates; supported legislation that established land banks to convert delinquent properties into productive use; and advocated for a sound transportation plan that would help boroughs and other local governments pay for necessary transportation, infrastructure and transit upgrades.

Advocacy is important because it helps you to gain access to resources, funding and information that can help your borough. Government regulations and laws have a significant impact on each of our boroughs - through programs and funding. This makes it important for each of you to become involved with policymakers - both in Harrisburg and in your communities.

2019 PSAB Authorized Resolutions (Adopted at PSAB Annual Conference 6/12/19)

2019-20 Legislative Priorities

To contact your state legislators about issues important to your community, click here.