Municipal Classifieds

Municipal Classifieds

Borough Manager, Green Tree Borough (Posted 1/21/21)
Building Inspector, Lansdale Borough (Posted 1/19/21)
Borough Manager, Greencastle Borough (Posted 1/19/21)

Finance Director, Zelienople Borough (Posted 1/13/21)
Borough Manager, Macungie Borough (Posted 1/11/21)
Borough Manager, Verona Borough (Posted 1/6/21)
Borough Administrator/Treasurer, New Wilmington Borough (Posted 1/6/21)
Borough Manager, Ford City Borough (Posted 1/5/21)

Secretary/Treasurer, New Florence Borough (Posted 1/4/21)
Borough Manager, Castle Shannon Borough (Posted 1/4/21)
Finance Director, Swissvale Borough (Posted 12/30/20)
Borough Manager, Camp Hill Borough (Posted 12/23/20)
Borough Manager, Mount Joy Borough (Posted 12/21/20)
Borough Manager, Oxford Borough (Posted 12/17/20)
Assistant Borough Manager, Ephrata Borough (Posted 12/14/20)

Borough Manager, Stroudsburg Borough (Posted 11/24/20)
Borough Manager, Spring Grove Borough (Posted 11/18/20)

Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and For Sale

None at this time.

Municipal Classified Advertisement Policy

The Borough News offers online classified advertising to advertise job openings or to post RFPs or items for sale.

In an efforts to keep postings current, ads will be removed from the website upon the closing date of your job posting, unless otherwise contacted for an extension, which is free. Ads without a deadline will be removed after 45 days.

Please note that PSAB cannot alter the description of the advertisement, so please consult your solicitor with questions.

Deadlines & Submission Details

Online ads will be posted within 48 hours.

Ads to be placed in the Borough News magazine must meet the ad reservation deadline, which is available here. Magazine deadlines are about 8 weeks out.

Classified ad requests should be emailed to Leslie Gervasio at in a Word or PDF document. For more information, call 800-232-7722, Ext.1049.

Cost for Publication

The cost of classified ads will be as follows. PSAB will invoice the borough.

PSAB Members & Municipal Associates
$75 online (unlimited length) or $75 magazine (up to 275 words) or $125 for both placements.

Members of the PSAB Borough Management Caucus (BMC) Program can advertise manager/secretary positions in both the magazine and online for free as a program benefit.

$100 online (unlimited length) or $100 magazine (up to 275 words) or $150 for both placements.