State Grant Opportunities for Boroughs

PSAB does not administer grants and provides resources for informational purposes only.


Peer & Circuit Rider Grants

Riparian Forest Buffer Grant Program
Section 902 Recycling Program Development and Implementation Grants

Section 904 Municipal Recycling Program Performance Grants

Environmental Education Grants

Alternative Fuels Incentive Grants

Watershed Restoration and Protection Program (WRPP)

Greenways, Trails, and Recreation Program

Flood Mitigation

RecTAP Grants

Growing Greener

Motorized Trails

Non-Motorized Trails

Conservation Excellence Grant Program

PA WalkWorks Grants

All-Terrain Vehicle and Snowmobile Grants

Sewage Facilities Grant Program

Land Acquisition and Conservation Program

Park Rehabilitation and Development

State and Regional Partnerships Program


Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside Program

PennDOT Multimodal Fund

Urban Agriculture Infrastructure Grant Program

CFA Multimodal Transportation Fund

Automated Red-Light Enforcement Transportation Enhancement Grants Program

Green Light-Go Traffic Signal Enhancement Program

Homeowner Septic Loan Program

Small Water and Sewer Program

Multimodal Transportation Fund; Invitation to Submit Applications

 Archival Records

Historic & Archival Records Care Program

 Housing Assistance

Emergency Solutions Grant Program

 Economic Development & Shared Services

Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP)

Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP)

Keystone Grants for Public Libraries

Keystone Communities Program (KCP)

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

Municipal Assistance Program

 Emergency Services

Fire Company and EMS Grant Program / More Info

Volunteer Fire Assistance Grant Program

Local Law Enforcement Grants

Innovative Policing Initiative

Violence Prevention and Intervention Program

 Historic Preservation

Keystone Historic Preservation Project Grants

Certified Local Government Grant Program


  None at this time.