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The Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs' (PSAB) Training and Professional Department is tasked with providing accessible, affordable, and practical educational workshops, seminars and information to municipal officials and employees in order to help them perform their duties and serve their communities more effectively.

PSAB also partners with the Pennsylvania Municipal Planning Education Institute (PMPEI) to offer course for planning commissioners, zoning board members and administrators, elected officials, and others with an interest in planning.

Education has been a core mission of the Association since its inception in 1911. The Training and Professional Development Department has partnered with national, state, and local government organizations as well as private sector business to provide the most current and up-to-date training across the state. Over the last decade, PSAB has trained more than 15,000 municipal employees and have held over 1,000 courses across the state.

All training courses are lead by experienced local officials, municipal managers, finance directors, planning directors, and other consultants with a wealth of practical experience. PSAB professionals with extensive backgrounds in public administration, adult education, training and development, and meeting planning administer all programs.

The duties and responsibilities of municipal officials are in a constant state of flux, further increasing the demands upon their time, experience and knowledge, with this in mind we have initiated and will continue the Certified Borough Officials (CBO) Certification of Achievement Program.

PSAB serves all of the boroughs, its officials and employees, and ultimately the citizens of the Commonwealth. With your input, ideas and energy, quality programs will continue to be provided.