American Resue Plan Funding Update for Local Governments

June 2nd, 2021

The American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act of 2021 signed by President Biden has allocated $6.15 billion to Pennsylvania counties, metropolitan cities, and local government units to support COVID-19 response efforts, replace lost revenue, support economic stabilization for households and businesses, and address systemic public health and economic challenges.
The PA Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) has been tasked with administering the non-entitlement local government distribution of funds. The application has opened and DCED invites all non-entitlement municipalities to apply for the funding and provide the required information.
Due to the U.S. Treasury Department's requirements that states disburse all funding within 30 days of the state receiving the local funds, DCED strongly recommends local governments apply for funding as soon as possible to expedite disbursement of funding. DCED hosted a webinar to address questions on June 7. Click here to access the recording.
DCED and the U.S. Treasury are now requiring all applicants to have a DUNS & SAM registration. For more information on SAM registration, click here. There is no charge to register or maintain your borough SAM registration.
The U.S. Treasury Department has established that local governments that are NOT metropolitan cities or counties – called non-entitlement units of local government (NEUs) – must access the funds by visiting DCED’s Single Application webpage.
Allocation of funds to NEUs is based on the proportion of the population in the NEU as a share of the total population of all NEUs in the state. View the list of allocated amounts to each NEU in Pennsylvania.
Click here for a tutorial on ARPA Navigation Site on the DCED website.
Applicants should be prepared with the following information required by Treasury:
  • Local government name, Entity’s Taxpayer Identification Number, DUNS number, and address
  • Authorized representative name, title, and email
  • Contact person name, title, phone, and email
  • Financial institution information (e.g., routing and account number, financial institution name and contact information)
  • Total NEU budget (defined as the annual total operating budget, including general fund and other funds, in effect as of January 27, 2020) or top-line expenditure total (in exceptional cases in which the NEU does not adopt a formal budget)
  • Award Terms and Conditions Agreement (as provided by Treasury to be signed)
  • Assurances of Compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (as provided by Treasury to be signed)

If you have questions about your NEU allocation or the program call the Governor’s Center for Local Government Services at 888-223-6837. A list of contacts by region is available here.